Two Channel 4 rebrands on a row! I was part of the design team @ Rudd Studio for the previous 2006 iconic branding and produced all the graphics for the On-Screen Presentation. When they approached us to do a refresh rebrand in 2010 we thought it was a great opportunity to take it one step further. Matt Rudd, Sylvie Minois and I were the core team behind this branding and we absolutely loved the creative process, which involved loads of photography, minimalistic yet detailed animation work and cubist thinking. To help exploring the multi-angle concept I developed animation rigs that enabled me to accurately choreograph in real time the layout and animation of the different views. I produced all animations for the OSP kit from my studio. Here is a compilation of various elements from the OSP – Music soundtrack on it is one of mine.

Client: Channel 4
Design Studio: Rudd Studio

Featured in the book ‘New Graphic Design – The 100 Best Contemporary Graphic Designers’ by Charlotte and Peter Fiell.


Endboards and menus