We were asked to direct and produce this viral for Dimensions, a musical game app by the makers of RJDJ. Great chance to work with our friend the talented photographer Heiko Prigge. The challenge here was to work with a micro budget, which just covered the shoot’s basics, sandwiches and champagne. All shot in Stockwell, London with a Canon 5D mk2. I edited, colour graded and comped the viral, also edited music material from the game to create the soundtrack. The end shot is a combination of time-lapse plates and lighting from different takes with a few CG planets thrown in to help communicating the surreal experience of the game.

Direction: Oscar Gonzalez Diez & Sylvie Minois.
DOP: Heiko Prigge
Editing, Post & Sound work: Oscar Gonzalez Diez

Timelapse in Stockwell by Heiko Prigge

Storyboards by Sylvie Minois