Another collaboration with Rudd Studio, this time a logo proposal for the ITV 2012 rebrand. Sylvie Minois and myself developed several routes at the early stages of the project, this one, codenamed ‘Heart’ became one of the three final contenders. The concept behind it was to create a subliminal heart symbol with its three letters coming together forming a compact core: The heart of popular culture. We wanted to give it a chameleon skin, an ability to change its style reflecting new trends, pumping and receiving energy/colour from its surroundings and being able to adapt to the unique character of each of the sub brands. Although this route did not get developed further, some of the concepts and ideas inspired features of the final branding like the ‘colour picking’.

Client: ITV
Design Studio: Rudd Studio
Concept & Design: Sylvie Minois & Oscar Gonzalez Diez

Various mockups and explorations