I had the pleasure of collaborating once again with my friends at Time Based Arts to work on this 60 second spot for Lexus directed by Anthony Dickenson. Shot using a Red Epic with an intervalometer all around the world, the spot was put together using a combination of techniques and lots of love & care. I was heavily involved in its making and did the previs for it, then looked after the weather systems (rain, snow) & cg time lapse skies and finally look developed, designed, animated and comped the neuron journey at the end of the spot.

Agency: Chi & Partners
Production Company: Pulse
Direction: Anthony Dickenson
Post production: Time Based Arts


I rarely do previs work these days, but I really enjoyed crafting out this one. I worked on it while the director was away on shoot reeking and it helped us solving problems well ahead of starting ths crazy shoot. All footage except the car shots were filmed as a timelapse, so we had to work out the speed and distance travelled as well as camera move limitations. It was also important to define the mood and feeling of the journey.


Neurons R&D and Look Development

Here is a compilation of various tests and work in progress for the neuron journey that takes us to the resolve shot. It was originally meant to be a longer sequence but got reduced in the final cut to a quicker journey. I found great electron microscope references for the look of real neurons so I matched that and then used artistic license to define the look of the neurons and the movement and behaviour of synapses to bring life to this neuronal world.


Weather systems, clouds,rain & snow

I used Vue to generate time lapse clouds, dark storm forming weather systems etc. Also I had to animate heavy timelapse rain splashing on the floor and all and snow for some sequences of the commercial.