Melting Steven Gerrard under the blazing heat of Brazil!

I was knee deep involved from the very beginning of this project, working alongside director Chris Cairns and flame artist Mike Skrgatic to help shaping this complex effect and make it achievable within the short time available. Another challenge was to make the melting effect tell the story without Steven Gerrard looking too creepy or loosing his strength, for this we needed to go for a more controllable sculptural approach instead of relying solely on complex fluid simulations. We 3D scanned his full body and used a combination of shot practical plates, shape animation and particle sims to produce the 6 full CG shots featuring the melting. I co-VFX supervised the spot with Mike and CG lead the project working over at Time Based Arts.

Agency: Grey London
Production: Partizan
Director: Chris Cairns
Post: Time Based Arts


Final concept by Sylvie Minois

Research and Development

Concept for the pool by Sylvie Minois